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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

'Repel Wet' with Timberland and ion-mask™

With warmer months fast approaching, more and more of us are taking to the outdoors which can be a challenge to keep footwear dry and free from stains. However, thanks to Timberland and P2i there is now a solution.

Timberland, who are best known for their innovative outdoor footwear have incorporated our ion-mask™ technology alongside their Bionic® canvas to launch the 'Repel Wet' series of footwear.

The boots which are included in the Earthkeepers® collection are the first in a line of eco-friendly products utilisting Bionic® canvas. Incorporting the PET from recycled plastic bottles alongside a new double organic cotton helix structure, Bionic® canvas is 30% stronger and twice as abrasion resistant compared to standard canvases.

With the addition of our ion-mask technology the boots are also lightweight and breathable as well as offering water repellent and stain reducing benefits - keeping them looking newer for longer.

Timberland's Senior Manager, Emily Alati demonstrates the benefits that ion-mask™ technology brings to the canvas:

We are delighted and excited that Timberland have chosen to adopt our world leading liquid repellent nano-coating technology to a range of their footwear with two of the styles available below: 
Men's Earthkeepers™
Side Zip 6-Inch Boot
Women's Earthkeepers™
Cabot Tall Zip Boot 

You can find out more about the range here or check out our lifestyle video on the P2i YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about ion-mask™ or would like to know more about P2i please do get in contact.

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  1. With the addition of our ion-mask™ technology the boots are also lightweight and breathable as well as offering water ...