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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

P2i at Mobile World Congress

In some ways, Mobile World Congress (MWC) is like a storm, descending on Barcelona each year, bringing thousands of the world’s leading mobile technology experts and brands, to the four day event. 

From dawn we begin to congregate at the exhibition center, like ants scurrying to be in the nest before the rain hits - only to return to the outside world again at dusk, looking like a wave of zombies, exhausted from the days exciting events.

Inside the halls the bright lights show off extravagant displays with the latest model phones and tablets for all to see. There is one booth that stands out as being a little different this year. The feature on this booth is not a phone per say but … a toilet. 

At MWC P2i is previewing its very latest technology. Named Dunkable™, this tech provides protection against accidental submergence, offering what is known in the industry as an IPx7 rating. This means the phone can survive being under one meter of water for half an hour. 

See for yourself in this video as P2i's Chief Technical Officer (the guy who invented the technology) dunks a phone in the loo:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

To toilet or not to toilet?

We all know that smartphones and tablets are becoming an integral part of everyday life – and as a new member of the “I didn’t seem to need one before Christmas, but now Santa bought me a tablet I don’t know how I lived without it” crew, than I must say I have found myself taking it into some strange environments. 

I mean, I would never take my precious camera into a steamy kitchen and put it down on a damp, cluttered bench top next to the hazards of a glass of wine, while I stir my pasta. But when you’re in the middle of running through the streets of London escaping the grasp of the underworld bosses in the latest crime thriller novel, than its easy to forget the dangers lurking in your own kitchen. 

And if the statistics are to be believed than I am not alone. Apparently in 2011
39% of us were using our phones while going to the bathroom, causing a staggering 19% of us to drop them down the loo. But not to worry, because apparently 14% of us actually wash our phones and our hands when were done!
© Oxford Scientific Films and Terra Mater Factual Studios
Well it’s no wonder water damage is one of the leading causes of permanent phone malfunction, and why manufacturers are doing all they can to make sure that their phones last the lifetime of your contract. 

At P2i we provide a splash-proof nano-coating protection to Motorola and Alcatel ONE TOUCH phones which lowers the phone's internal and external surface energy. This means any moisture or liquids that come into contact with the phone are repelled away, instead of being drawn into the device. You can see the tech in action on the Motorola XOOM 2 tablet in the video below: