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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Presenting at BIOMEDevice 2011

As Principal Scientist at P2i I speak and present at a host of conferences, demonstrating the liquid repellent benefits of our nano-coating technology and in February, I was the final speaker at BIOMEDevice, held on the 23rd and 24th in Paris, France.

BIOMEDevice brings together the Biotechnology, Medical device and Pharmaceutical indutries for the future development of combination devices.

Being the last speaker can at times be challenging, with delegates heading to the airport or hotel as the conference comes to a close, but there was a good turnout for my presentation entitled: Cost-effective nano-coating protection of medical devices.

Due to the visible nature of our technology it is best explained through live demonstrations as this gives attendees a clear picture of the liquid repellent benefits that our technology offers. To do this I produce an untreated and treated tissue as well as a glass of water. As expected when the untreated tissue is placed in the glass it absorbs the water becoming heavy and rather useless, but when I place the treated tissue in the same glass it emerges completely dry with the water beading up and rolling off.

For further effect, I threw both tissues across the stage: the untreated curved through the air to land in a wet pile, while the treated floated gently down - this generated a spontaneous round of applause from the delegates.

You can see a similar version of this demonstration in the video below:

Overall the presentation was very well received with many delegates staying behind asking questions about our technology and it applications for the medical sector. You can find out more about P2i here -  

Dr Delwyn Evans

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