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Thursday, 8 December 2011

The London Corporate Cup: Or it is the taking part that counts...

In the spirit of team bonding, on the 24th November we took part in the annual London Corporate Cup held at the state of the art London Soccerdome.

The events which is now in its fifth year is a corporate 6-a-side tournament with teams vying for the top prize of the winner's trophy.

The P2i team
Each team that enters the tournament is managed by a footballing legend and for us this was Kerry Dixon, best known for his time at Chelsea (1983-1992). Although we did not win the tournament it was great fun, well organized and a great opportunity to show off our average football skills.

Here are some actions shots from the tournament:

Robert our caption works his way forward

Coming away with the ball
You can see them all on our Flickr and Facebook pages.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Returning from Filtration 2011

Following on from our last post we have recently returned from Filtration 2011 (INDA) in Chicago where we were exhibited for the first time.

Having never attended a show of this type before we were excited to see how our nano-coating technology for filtration would be received over the two days (16-17th November).

According to the organizers this year's show saw significantly increased visitors and exhibitors compared to last year and we were delighted that a great many of them stopped at our booth (below).

Over the two days delegates were able to take part in hands-on demonstrations as well as ask questions about our technology and the benefits it offers to filter media across a range of platforms including; Air Compressors, Aviation and Diesel Fuel, Gas Turbines and Hard Disk Venting.

With INDA proving such a success we are looking forward to more Filtration shows in the new year.

You can see a collection of our images from the show on our Flickr page as well as watching our Filtration video below:

If you have any questions regarding our technology for filter media you can contact us here.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

P2i at Filtration 2011

So far this year we have attended seven major tradeshows that have focused on the electronics and lifestyle markets, but now our attention turns to a growing sector for us, Filtration.

Today and tomorrow, Filtration 2011 is taking place at the Navy Pier in Chicago and this is the first time we have had a booth at an event of this type.

The show which attracts leading people and businesses in the filtration industry, gather together over the two days to discuss the latest trends and technologies.

Our booth (1001) will be showcasing how our world leading nano-coating technology enhances existing filtration media with particular focus on:

- Air Compressors
- Aviation Fuel
- Diesel Fuel
- Gas Turbines
- Hard Disk Venting

Alongside demonstrations of the technology we have also produced an animation that highlights the benefits our technology offers to filters, which you can watch below:

Over the two days we will be posting images from our booth, you can follow us on Twitter to keep up to date. You can also find out more about our technology for filtration here.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The difference between water resistant and repellent technologies

We recently came across the EMU Australia footwear brand who produce and sell a great range of sheepskin boots around the world but what caught our attention was the following banner on their website:

It is a great visual image that really states the fact that their boots are water resistant. Exploring the site further, EMU have also produced a video showcasing their water resistant sheepskin against a competing UGG boot. You can see the video below:

Before watching the video we initially thought that it was our technology, as the EMU video is similar to a version that we produced back in 2009 that focused on our ion-mask water repellent technology (see further down). In the EMU video, they demonstrate the difference between their water resistant sheepskin boot and that of a standard UGG boot. You can clearly see a distinction between the two as the water uptake is significantly reduced on EMU's water resistant sheepskin while the UGG boot completely absorbs the water leading to a stained, heavy and uncomfortable boot.

However, even though the water resistance does keep the EMU boot from absorbing the water, if you look closely you can clearly see that there is a layer of water that remains on the boot once it is pulled out, giving it a shiny but wet look. Over time, this could potentially damage the surface, resulting in the absorption of water and eventual staining. This is when we realized that it was not our technology and that ion-mask could be a great solution.

Why ion-mask?

Earlier, we mentioned a video we produced back in 2009 which carried out the same test as EMU demonstrate above but showcases our liquid repellent nano-coating technology. Although the boots in our demo are made from suede and not sheepskin the principles are the same:

The ion-mask treated boot completely repels the water by ensuring the water beads up and rolls off the boot leaving no layer or residue, which can occur with water resistant boots. The untreated version absorbs the water the instant it is submerged. We have also carried out this test using sheepskin boots and you can see the result in the following image:

ion-mask™ treated (Left) / Untreated (Right)
Again, the repellent benefits of ion-mask™ act as an invisible shield forcing the water to bead up and roll off while the untreated version is completed soaked. Adding ion-mask to sheepskin boots means total liquid repellency without any leftover layers or streaks that is visible with only a resistant protection in place. An ion-mask repellent coating ensures that they remain dry, lightweight and most importantly comfortable.

While EMU's water resistant sheepskin boots do offer protection they still allow water to remain on the boot which over time can lead to staining and absorption. With the addition of ion-mask this is no longer a problem and as it is applied on the nanoscale you don't even know it is there.

If you want to know more about ion-mask you can here.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Aridion™ received loud and clear at EUHA 2011

Just a short post this week as we have just returned from a very successful EUHA congress in Nuremberg, Germany where we showcased our Aridion™ technology for hearing aids to an audience of audiologists, manufacturers, journalists and bloggers.

Over the three days our booth received a lot of interest and we are very excited by the potential new business prospects that emerged. Visitors to our booth were able to see the technology first hand with live demonstrations as well as an interactive hologram and of course Hannibal our corporate magician.

We also had our Aridion™ 8 machine on the booth, specifically designed to treat hearing aid devices which you can see below:

Aridion™ 8 Machine
You can see a collection of images from the show on our Flickr and Facebook pages.

Next up for us is INDA 2011, a filtration tradeshow taking place in Chicago from the 15th-17th November.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Aridion™ to take centre stage at EUHA 2011

It is conference time again and today we are in Nuremberg, Germany where the 56th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) is taking place from the 19th-21st October.

EUHA is Europe's largest hearing aid tradeshow and this will be the first time that we have had a significant presence here.

Over the coming days, from our booth (G-14) we will be showcasing our Aridion™ technology to specialists in the hearing aid and acoustic industries.

With Aridion™ now serving three of the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers and over 5.5 million devices treated we are hoping for a very successful show and will be tweeting live which you can following via our Twitter account.

If you would like to know more about Aridion™ you can here as well as watching the video below:

We will post an update next week following up on how the show went.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Best Use of Technology Award

What a year we are having! Back in August we won the 'Most Innovative Company in Europe' award from the International Business Awards (Stevies) and we are delighted to announce that we have won another prestigious award.

On Tuesday the 4th October at the Fast Growth Business Awards (FGBA) in London, UK, we were delighted to win the 'Best Use of Technology' award.

In what was a competitive category we won the judging panel over with our 'huge scope and potential, turnover growth and strong profit margin' which you can read in more detail via the Winner's Archive.

What do the awards represent?

The awards are organized by Growing Business magazine which is the UK's leading magazine for entrepreneurs and cutting edge businesses. The event was attended by over 300 entrepreneurs, business journalists and industry leaders. 

What won us the award?

To be in contention for the 'Best Use of Technology' award, we had to demonstrate growth and success, customer satisfaction as well as showcasing a link between the use of technology and growth, something we have achieved successfully with our Aridion™ and ion-mask™ technologies.

Peter Rankin, P2i's Operations Director who accepted the award on our behalf, reflects on what this recognition means to P2i and how our technology enables continued growth for the future:

This award now sits alongside our other achievements, which include:

- International Business of the Year 2011
- Business Hero Award for 'Borderless Business'
- ISPO BrandNew Sportwear Award

CEO, Carl Francis also reflected on how our growth has established a world leading company "This award recognizes the expertise and diversity of our liquid repellent nano-coating technology across a range of market sectors, from consumer electronics to footwear and accessories. The possibilities for nano-coating are endless as P2i continues to build on our cutting edge technology by moving into other functional nano-coatings."

You can see images from the event on our Flickr page as well as keeping up to date with everything P2i through our newsletter.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Changing the Game: P2i presents at Nano4Sport

Delwyn Evans
On Wednesday 21st September, I presented at the Nano4Sport conference in London. The event which consisted of designers, scientists as well as established and start-up technology companies, aimed to explore the potential uses of nanotechnologies within sports clothing and equipment.

My presentation entitled: Changing the Game: Using Water Repellent Nano-Technology for Sport Shoes; highlighted how our ion-mask technology for lifestyle products (footwear and textiles) can lead to improvements in performance, such as reduced water uptake and improved appearance.

P2i's success in applying the technology on a commercial scale to a range of 3D objects was a key point of the presentation and I demonstrated the technology first hand on a pair of KSwiss's California running shoes which are currently available on the market featuring ion-mask. For the demonstration the right shoe had been treated with ion-mask while the left shoe remained uncoated. Water was then dropped on the front of each shoe with the treated shoe repelling the water while on the left; the material instantly absorbed any water that came into contact with it.

KSwiss California
The demonstration proved popular, as the treated shoe was passed around the audience so they could feel for themselves that there was no difference in weight, look or texture.

Overall, Nano4Sport proved an interesting event, offering an opportunity to showcase ion-mask technology to individuals and businesses in the industry as well as witnessing new and emerging technologies.

You can read more about the event here and if you would like to know more about how ion-mask works and the benefits it offers visit:

Monday, 19 September 2011

What is the difference between waterproof and water repellent?

There have been an increasing amount of articles emerging, explaining the difference between waterproof and water repellent, so we thought it was time to add to the discussion and look closer at the definitions and differences between the two, with particular focus on footwear.

    What is the difference between waterproof and water repellent?

    Firstly, how are both defined?

    • Waterproof: Impervious to water
    • Water Repellent: Fabrics that have received a finish or coating that is not easily penetrated by water (Source: Oxford English Dictionary)

    Let's look at what it means to be waterproof. Footwear that has a waterproof label or tag similar to the styles used for hiking and trail running, means they are impervious to water (or no liquid can pass through them). Which is great if you are caught out in the elements or passing through streams and you need to stay dry, but how does a shoe actually become waterproof and what are the restrictions to having this type of footwear?

    For materials and products to be considered waterproof they need to meet specific criteria. This criteria includes the amount of water pressure (psi) they can withstand before leaking or an "mm/24 hours" rating which equals the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day before water starts to leak through.

    In footwear terms, to be considered waterproof they will most likely have a barrier or membrane built inside as well as fully sealed seams and stitching, designed to keep water out and ensure your feet stay dry. However, if water enters the shoe above the ankle collar or sweat builds up, then your feet still become wet with the water unable to get out.

    Sealed seams and membranes may protect feet from becoming wet but as they are built within the internal structure of the shoe they do not offer the same waterproof protection to the outside material. This can result in the shoe becoming very wet and heavy, leading to reduced comfort for the wearer, particularly on long hikes or runs.

    There are of course solutions to this, such as the choice of material used as well as treating the outer surface of the shoe with durable water repellents (DWR). DWRs are coatings applied at the factory stage to fabrics making them water repellent (not proof). This treatment alongside the membrane ensures that the shoe lives up to its waterproof claims. However, these treatments can affect the functionality of the material as well as losing their effectiveness over time and re-treatments are usually required in the form of further sprays. In addition, they are rarely applied to all the materials used in the construction of a shoe, resulting in water ingress points.

    There is also the issue of breathability or how much air can penetrate the fabric whilst still allowing sweat vapor to evaporate. The video below demonstrates the effect a membrane can have on breathability:

    As you can see, the fabric and membrane layer significantly restricts air flow, while the stand alone fabric has no restriction and lets the air flow freely. While only a demonstration, it highlights the hidden impact a membrane can have on comfort and temperature control.

    To combat this there are breathable membranes available that allow moisture (sweat) to escape but these tend to be more expensive than their non-breathable alternatives and can still allow levels of moisture build up to occur during exercise.

    So what about water repellent?

    Misunderstanding of the term water repellent can lead to disappointment when testing out a product, as you can find your feet or other parts become wet. For example, if a fabric or product is classified as 'repellent' this means it will repel water but is not impervious to it, or put in another way, there is a level of water pressure it can withstand before leaks start to appear. This is not seen as a disadvantage as the materials used will readily allow air to pass through removing the hot microclimate next to the foot, providing comfort and restricting sweating and discomfort.

    Similarly to waterproof products there are criteria that fabrics and textiles have to undergo in order to test their repellency and protection levels and thus be given an overall rating. The Bundesmann test is one way of measuring this.

    The test simulates actual rain environments by pouring a continuous shower of water over the surface of fabrics at a height to simulate rain, while at the same time lightly abrading the reverse side. The abrading technique is designed to encourage the water to seep through the fabric whilst also simulating movements of the body when a garment is being worn. The amount of water that seeps through, in addition to the amount absorbed into the fabric is then measured and the fabric is given an efficiency rating based on performance. The higher the rating the more repellent the material is.

    How does P2i's liquid repellent technology - ion-mask™ differ?

    ion-mask™ is a liquid repellent technology, meaning that liquid can still penetrate materials which have a natural airflow. What makes ion-mask™ so unique compared to other repellent treatments such as DWRs is that it is applied to the fully constructed shoe (or product) resulting in complete protection without changing the look or feel. Meaning that functionality such as breathability is not impaired. Furthermore, ion-mask™ is also solvent-free resulting in minimal environmental impact.
    You can find out more about our liquid repellent technology in the video below and by visiting the ion-mask™ page.

    Wednesday, 7 September 2011

    Hi-TecKnowledgy - V-Lite Infinity featuring ion-mask™

    Back in March we posted an article on the V-Lite Infinity Trail Running shoes featuring ion-mask™, which you can read here.

    Since then the Infinity story has gone from strength to strength picking up a host of awards along the way including the Health Magazine Gear Award for the best trail running shoe (women's shoe) and the Best New Trail Shoe Award from Running Network. You can see Hi-Tec talking about the awards and the shoes at the Outdoor Retailer here.

    V-Lite Infinity HPi

    However, the success did not stop there. The Liquid Mountaineering viral that promoted the Infinities has now surpassed 10 million views and was even featured in an episode on the hit Discovery Channel TV show, Mythbusters:

    The campaign has also been used by The Times 100 as a case study example of 'Using promotion to position a brand' which you can read here.

    With the Infinity range gather a strong momentum, Hi-Tec have now produced a series of videos, filmed at the 'Hook and Bullet' lounge. Already covering the Cascadia eVent HPi (also featuring ion-mask™) the latest video focuses on the V-Lite Hpi version of the Infinity range and looks at the 'sciencey' stuff in your shoes. You can be one of the first to view it below:

    Do you own a pair of Infinity's? If so, we would love to hear how they and the ion-mask™ technology works for you. Also if you have not played the Infinity Run game yet, why not give it a go.... You can also find out more about the technology that makes the Infinity 'run on water' here?

    Wednesday, 31 August 2011

    On the way to IFA 2011, Berlin

    We are in full tradeshow mode here. Having not long returned from EU OutDoor in Friedrichshafen where we promoted ion-mask™ we are now heading to Berlin from the 2nd-7th September for IFA 2011, to showcase Aridion™ technology.

    IFA (Consumer Electronics Unlimited) is Europe's largest consumer electronics event, presenting the latest products and innovations from all the leading brands. This will be our first time exhibiting and we can't wait.

    Like previous shows, visitors to our booth (Hall 9 Booth 304) will be able to see first-hand what our Aridion™ technology can do for electronics. Delegates can also take part in live demonstrations, interact with an Aridion™ specific holographic display as well as engage with Hannibal, our corporate magician.

    It promises to be a very exciting show. You can find out more about IFA here as well as learning more about Aridion™ in our Electronics video below:

    We look forward to seeing you there! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to see how we are getting on.

    Wednesday, 24 August 2011

    Faces of Nano: P2i interviewed by TechSplurge

    Earlier this week our Principal Scientist, Delwyn Evans was interviewed by Julian Taub for this TechSplurge Blog as part of the Faces of Nano series. You can read the full interview below:

    FACES OF NANO: Dr. Delwyn Evans

    Companies are an important part of the nanotech initiative. They take lab discoveries and apply them to consumers’ daily lives. One of the most successful nanotech companies, P2i, just won the title of Most Innovative Company in Europe. P2i manufactures technology that adds liquid repellent protection for both electronics and apparel (footwear). I interview Dr. Delwyn Evans, a chemist at P2i.

    JT: Tell me about yourself, your background, and your position at P2i.
    DE: I’m the Principal Chemist at P2i, and my responsibilities include the development and optimization of our nano-coating technology, representing the company at conferences and training our technical staff in the chemistry aspects of our process. Prior to P2i I worked for Abbott Laboratories as a Principal Scientist on blood glucose sensors and Cookson on residue-free solders. My degrees in Chemistry were obtained at the University of York, UK.

    JT: How did you become interested in nanotechnology? How did you come to work at this company?
    DE: Nanotechnology is interesting as it helps push technical boundaries set up by the limitations of incumbent technology, and when it’s commercialized, then it’s game-changing. P2i was particularly attractive as their technology can be applied to a wide range of industrial markets and so deliver serious commercial impact.

    JT: How does the P2i technology work?
    DE: On a general level, P2i’s process applies a nano-thin polymer coating to the surfaces of products. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a different polymer can be put onto their product so the surface can be made water repellent, oil repellent, water wetting or a range of other effects. Products are processed in a vacuum chamber and plasmas are used to activate the product surface and promote the growth of the polymer layer. As the process occurs in a vacuum, the monomer (polymer pre-cursor) can penetrate into the 3D structure of the product. At the end of the process, the chamber returns to atmospheric pressure and the treated items are removed and ready for use. It can have environmental benefits compared to traditional technologies as it only uses small quantities of monomer, and its solvent free.

    JT: P2i was just named the most innovative company in Europe. What do you find to be the most innovative aspect of its technology?
    DE: The adaptability of the core technology and work P2i has put in to take it from a university lab bench to a globalized industrial process. Many scientists are really surprised that the results from a PhD project can directly lead to a successful business.

    JT: Where can I find P2i products?
    DE: Consumers can currently find P2i-treated products on footwear and hearing aids. Many brands of shoes for sport or outdoor activities have taken up P2i’s water repellent treatment - ion-mask™. In the electronics sector, we have a technology called Aridion™, which prevents the ingress of water into devices. Over 4,500,000 hearings aids have now been processed with Aridion™. Hearing aids have their internal components protected against water ingress with our Aridion™ technology and so last longer in humid environments. We also treat bioconsumable products for lab use and filter membranes. As our technology develops further, we aim to bring a range of effects to a wider range of products.

    JT: What do you see as the extent of P2i technology benefitting our daily lives?
    DE: P2i technology makes great products even better. It can extend their lifetime, give them different functionality, and offer a wider choice of materials to product designers for their construction. And it can do all this with minimal amounts of chemicals, which gives it a low environmental footprint.

    JT: Lastly, as someone on the cutting edge of science and technology, where do you see nanotechnology in five years?
    DE: Nanotechnology will have its greatest effect in improving existing technologies and enabling new scientific areas. I expect its impact to be more subtle and gradual to end consumers, but felt more significantly in technical industries. It sounds like an oxymoron, but nano is only going to get bigger!  

    (Interviewed on the 15th August, 2011 - The TechSplurge blog can be read here)

    Friday, 12 August 2011

    Splash the P2i Duck

    In a previous post we talked about the launch of the Splash Challenge competition at the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen. The competition was open to all delegates and those that visited our booth where able to take part in the competition by adopting Splash the P2i Duck, and taking him on adventures around the world.
    Many Splashes were picked up by attendees at our booth and we are now receiving a steady stream of Splash images from all over the world, below are just a few:
    Collection of Splashes at our booth
    Splash entering another duck's territory in Wales
    Splash taking in the sights at the Snaefellsj√ɶkull volcano, Iceland
    Splash the risk taker in Oxfordshire, England 
    As you can see there have been some great images sent in and with the competition running until the end of September we expect to receive many more.
    In addition to this we have put a short video together of Splash at the OutDoor show and some of the entries we have received thus far:

    If you would like to keep up with Splash or have any images still to send in, you can upload them here and why not follow him on Twitter.

    We will send another update on how Splash is getting on next month...

    Thursday, 4 August 2011

    The Most Innovative Company in Europe...

    Quite a statement to make, but one we feel confident to use as it was announced last week that P2i has won an International Business Award or 'Stevie' as it is more affectingly known for the Most Innovative Company in Europe category.

    So what are the Stevies?

    Originating in 2002 with the American Business Awards, the International Business Awards or Stevie Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working people worldwide.

    Overseen by a board of distinguished judges and advisors, we were selected from more than 3,000 entries, across 40 nations and through two rounds of judging by 200 business professionals worldwide.

    What makes us stand out?

    To be selected for a Stevie Award you need to show great performance in business globally and that is what we have achieved by changing the way people think about everyday liquid protection. As an example of this, Aridion our liquid repellent nano-coating for electronics has, in just two years, revolutionized the reliability of hearing aids, to the extent that one manufacturer has reported a 50% reduction in corrosion and moisture related damage. Adding to this, Aridion is now applied to more than four million devices and we are working with four of the six leading hearing aid manufacturers.

    And our innovation does not stop there, as Dr. Stephen Coulson, CTO explains in the video below:

    The awards will be presented at a gala event on Tuesday, 11th October at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and as Carl Francis; CEO explains it is an award we are delighted to have won:

    “We have a highly innovative, fast growing and scalable business which is based on proprietary and game-changing technology. Innovation is part of our corporate DNA, so we are extremely proud to receive this prestigious award."

    Now to plan the acceptance speech...

    Wednesday, 27 July 2011

    ion-mask™ - Then and Now

    Where did it all begin?

    P2i originated as a project within the UK Governments' DSTL division to make soldier's clothing more effective against chemical attack. In 2004 P2i became the first DSTL technology transfer company to commercialize the technologies developed by the UK Government. 

    Where are we now?

    Today we operate within five key market sectors: Lifestyle (ion-mask™), Electronics (Aridion™), Filtration & Energy, Life Sciences and Military & Institutional. In this post we will focus on ion-mask™ and where it has been optimized for the footwear industry.

    ion-mask™ has been available commercially since 2008, when outdoor footwear company Hi-Tec became the first brand to bring the technology to consumers by applying ion-mask™ to a new style of hiking boot; the V-Lite Altitude Ultra WPi:
    Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra WPi - First ever walking boot to feature ion-mask™
     Since then the ion-mask™ - Hi-Tec range has expanded significantly including the development of the Infinity trail runner which spawned the YouTube viral sensation 'Liquid Mountaineering':

    Today, ion-mask™ has been applied to eleven separate footwear brands including Timberland, Van Dal and KSwiss to name but a few. You can read more about ion-mask™ and these brands in our case studies as well as seeing some of the styles below:

    KSwiss Kwicky Blade Light
    Hi-Tec Infinity HPI


    Timberland City 6in Boot
    Van Dal Cannes

    ion-mask™ has also branched out from footwear and in 2011 we have seen the technology being applied to lifestyle accessories including gloves (Fox) and hats.

    From previous post you will also have read that we have just returned from OutDoor 2011 in Friedrichshafen, Germany where we were demonstrated ion-mask™ to leading outdoor brands. The show was a great success with many companies enquiring about the adoption of ion-mask™ for apparel, a similar question we receive through our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. This is an area that we are extensively researching so watch this space...

    The range of products featuring ion-mask™ continues to grow and if you have your own footwear featuring the technology we would love to hear your reviews and comments. There are also a host of reviews online you can read if you would like to know more or thinking of purchasing a new pair of shoes, here is a brief selection:

    - Hi-Tec:
        Gear We Are

    - KSwiss:
       Sport (SBlog)

    Wednesday, 20 July 2011

    Making a Splash at EU OutDoor 2011 - Friedrichshafen

    So that was EU OutDoor 2011 in Friedrichshafen!

    We have just returned to the office from a very successful show in Germany where we exhibited our ion-mask™ technology for the first time. EU OutDoor 2011 was also where we launched our Splash Challenge competition (more on that later).

    The show which ran from the 14th-17th July, is host to leading outdoor brands from around the world.

    Over the four days, those that stopped by our booth were introduced to ion-mask™ via videos, a custom designed holographic kiosk and through hands-on demonstrations of ion-mask™ treated footwear, tissues and fabrics - we even had Hannibal our own corporate magician!

    ion-mask™ footwear demonstration

    ion-mask™ tissue demonstration
    We also put a short video together of our booth that you can watch below:

    Overall the show was a great success and it was exciting to have many leading outdoor brands visit our booth, keen to see for themselves how ion-mask™ could benefit their products.

    Already working with leading footwear brands, we are excited to see who will next adopt P2i's ion-mask™ technology.

    What is the Splash Challenge?

    At the start of the post we mention the Splash Challenge, so what is it? Launched at the EU OutDoor show, we gave all attendees the chance to take away with them their very own Splash the P2i Duck.

    Splash is searching for water-filled adventures and attendees that picked up Splash from the show are now taking images and videos of him from around the world. A multi-lense SuperSampler camera awaits for the person who sends in the best image of Splash. If you would like to keep up to date with Splash and see how he is getting on, you can here - or why not follow him on Twitter.

    You can see all our images from the show on our Flickr page here.

    Wednesday, 13 July 2011

    Gearing up for Outdoor 2011

    Starting tomorrow until the 17th July, the outdoor world gathers in Friedrichshafen, Germany for the largest European tradeshow of its kind - OutDoor 2011. Now in its 18th year, 2010 saw the show amass 868 exhibitors and over 20,400 trade visitors, this year it is set to be even bigger and better.

    OutDoor 2011 will be unique for us as it is the first time P2i will be showcasing ion-mask™ technology to a mass audience and we are pretty excited!

    The show is also a milestone for us and ion-mask™, as now more than 1.5 million pairs of shoes have been treated with the technology. Offering consumers breathable, lighter, stay-dry and stain resistant footwear.

    Come and check us out!

    Visitors to our booth (Hall B4, Stand 302) will be able to watch - get involved with live demonstrations, interact with an ion-mask™ specific holographic display as well as watch our very own corporate magician in action.

    Applied to a host of materials including mesh, light-colored canvas and suede, ion-mask™ has been adopted by eleven brands including: Timberland, KSwiss, Hi-Tec, Nike, Adidas and Teva, samples of which will be on the booth. Visitors will be able to see for themselves the levels of liquid repellency and breathability that previous generations of membranes simply cannot match.

    This is what David Bond, Vice President of Product at KSwiss had to say:

     "ion-mask is the most innovative moisture
    management technology available on the market"

    If you are attending, come and find as at Stand 302 in Hall B4. In the meantime, you can watch our Lifestyle video below to get a taster of what is to come:

    We look forward to seeing you there! 

    Tuesday, 7 June 2011

    ion-mask™: Invisible Technology, Visible Results

    A few weeks ago we looked at Aridion™, our technology for electronics and the benefits that it can offer. This week our attention turns to ion-mask™. 

    What is ion-mask?
    ion-mask™ is our liquid repellent nano-coating technology for Lifestyle products such as footwear and textiles. Invisible to wearers the ion-mask™ protective layer is over one thousand times thinner than a human hair and is bonded to the whole surface on a molecular level making it extremely durable without affecting the look or feel of the product.

    Furthermore, ion-mask™ lasts as long as the material itself and is not compromised by everyday wear and tear, it also resists the absorption of liquid and dirt helping to guard against stains, making products look newer for longer. See for yourself in the video below:

    What are the benefits of ion-mask™ technology?

    ion-mask™ gives lifestyle products superior liquid repellency, stopping external water ingress whilst allowing perspiration to escape.

    Treated articles keep wearers comfortable and dry. Unlike membrane technologies,    ion-mask™ is not a physical barrier, delivering the full natural airflow of the chosen material.

      is physically bonded at a molecular level, so it lasts as long as the material it protects and cannot be seen or felt.

    Being only nanometers thin, ion-mask™  does not add any additional weight to products. In wet environments, the hydrophobic properties ensure that less water is retained.

    ion-mask™  is solvent-free and uses only microscopic quantities of protective monomer, resulting in minimal waste and environmental impact.

    ion-mask™  is already available on a range of footwear styles including; Golf, Running, Hiking, Boating and Leisure with brands including Hi-Tec, Timberland, Nike, Adidas, KSwiss, Teva, Mizuno and Van Dal.

    Here are some links to videos featuring ion-mask™  technology:

    - KSwiss: Kwicky Blade-Light
    - Hi-Tec: V-Lite Infinity  / Liquid Mountaineering
    - Timberland: What is P2i / Hiking through nature
    - Teva: Lucky the penguin and his ion-mask™ boot
    - Van Dal
    You can find out more by visiting the website.  If you have a pair of shoes featuring ion-mask™, then we would love to hear your thoughts. Contact us at

    Wednesday, 25 May 2011

    A penguin called Lucky and his special shoe

    The internet has been filled with stories in the past week about a penguin from Santa Barbara Zoo who suffers from an impaired foot.

    The young Humboldt penguin named Lucky was born with a leg that was not growing properly, causing sores to develop where pressure was put on the wrong parts of his foot. These sores could have turned into a life-threatening condition if a solution was not found.

    X-rays showed that Lucky's bones were not broken and while penguins normally walk on their toes, the condition caused him to walk on an unpadded area of his foot. Zoo veterinarians wrapped his foot and padded the ankle area to compensate but it meant that Lucky could not swim as the wrapping would become very wet and heavy.

    So the idea for a protective shoe was hatched when Santa Barbara Zoo CEO, Rich Block, recalled that Teva® had developed a special shoe for an elephant with foot issues at San Antonio Zoo. With Teva's headquarters only a few miles away it was worth enquiring to see if they could make a little penguin shoe suitable for Lucky.

    With Teva's historic background in developing footwear for water adventures they instantly took on the challenge. Due to the language barrier, several versions were required but Lucky made it easy for Teva® as what worked and what did not. With each new version the boot was adapted until Lucky was happy with the finished product, and here is the result:

    The Teva® penguin shoe

    Teva's penguin shoe as worn by Lucky
    Using different materials the shoe is designed to be lightweight, have superb traction to get out of the water as well as the ability to shed water. To do this, Teva® applied our ion-mask™ technology to Lucky's shoe making it completely hydrophobic enabling him to swim as freely as he likes. The shoes are also changed daily so Lucky always has a fresh pair for the start of each day.

    Lucky modeling his new shoe
    It really is a great story with a life-saving outcome and you can watch Lucky's story and how Teva® got involved in the video below:

    Furthermore, in the fall this year, UK children's book author and illustrator, Sarah Aspinall, is writing all about Lucky in a book with the proceeds from sales being used to support Lucky and the other Humboldt penguins at Santa Barbara zoo.

    Sneak peak of the cover
    If you would like to know more about Lucky's species, the Humboldt penguins, you can here.


    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Teva launch their first mountain bike shoe featuring ion-mask™

    Outdoor pursuits in particular mountain biking, is popular the world over but ensuring you have the correct footwear to match the conditions can be problematic. Help is at hand now though, thanks to Teva and ion-mask™.

    Founded by a guide on the Colorado River in 1984 (who went on to produce the world's first sports sandal), Teva now lead the way in which we can engage with our environments, especially those involving water.

    As Chris Hillyer, Product Line Manager for Performance Products at Teva describes it: "Water presents a paradox to Teva. It provides a year round playground but also a number of challenges, as anyone who has ever ended up with soaking wet shoes can confirm."

    With this problem in mind, Teva have taken their product development one step further with the introduction of our ion-mask™ technology to their latest range of shoes for mountain biking - the Links.

    The Links bike shoe is Teva's first venture into mountain biking footwear and has been designed in conjunction with professional mountain biker Jeff Lenosky, also known as the 'father' of freeride mountain biking and creator of the Mountain Games. Teva, have sponsored the games for the last five years and it is now recognized as one of the premier freeride competitions in the country.

    Teva's Links Mountain Bike Shoe
    The Links shoes incorporate a host of features ensuring the user remains in maximum comfort throughout the biking experience. Designed specifically for use with flat pedals and featuring Teva's Spider365 sticky rubber soles to offer maximum grip, the shoes also feature a Shoc-Pad for cushioning while on the uppers, flexible armor has been introduced in the key wear areas. Adding to this, Teva has incorporated ion-mask™ to ensure that however wet the conditions are underfoot the wearer remains dry and comfortable.

    The Links are due for launch in the UK in early August 2011 but they are already being reviewed online, including Bike Rader and Outdoors Magic and if you are in America, then they are available from the official Teva site.

    You can find out more about Teva here or watch their official video below:

    Want to know more about ion-mask

    ion-mask™ is our technology for lifestyle applications including footwear, textiles, gloves, hats and apparel. You can find out more on the ion-mask™ page or watch the technology in action below:


    Wednesday, 11 May 2011

    Aridion™ Technology: Transforming the reliability of electronic devices

    Last week we looked at the beginnings of Nanotechnology. This week we turn our focus on Aridion, P2i's nano-coating technology for electronic devices.

    But first, what is P2i technology?

    Our patented technology employs a special pulsed ionized gas (plasma) which is created within a vacuum chamber where a nanometer-thin (1000 times thinner than a human hair) polymer layer is applied over the entire surface of a product.

    This process dramatically reduces the surface energy of a product, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off:

    Our technology is focused around two consumer brands: Aridion for electronics and ion-mask for lifestyle products. For industrial applications the technology is covered by the corporate P2i brand (which will be explored in later posts).

    Aridion™ Technology: Transforming the reliability of electronic Devices

    What is Aridion technology? Aridion is our coating for electronic devices. It coats every aspect of a finished product at the nanoscopic level offering a truly durable and invisible liquid repellent coating that does not affect the working components of electronic devices whilst maintaining look, feel and functionality. 

    The benefits:

    Aridion delivers an amazing level of liquid repellency to whole devices, so that on treated surfaces, liquid forms beads and simply rolls off.

    Aridion transforms the reliability of electronic devices containing delicate, expensive components at high risk of liquid damage through corrosion or electrical failure.

    The liquid repellent nano-coating is physically bonded at a molecular level, so it lasts as long as the material itself

    The unique ultra-thin Aridion protective layer invisibly improves the performance of electronic devices without affecting the product's look or feel.
    You can find out more by visiting the Aridion™ homepage or see the technology in action below in our video:

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