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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

'Running on Water' - Hi-Tec's Liquid Mountaineering featured on MythBusters

'Liquid Mountaineering', launched last April as a viral on YouTube, has taken the world by storm. With nearly 10 million views to date, it has even started a new sports phenomenon with a whole host of videos emerging of attempts to run on water, including Liquid Mountaineering arrives in AmericaRipple Runner and St. Andrews Surface Tension.

While all are very good, it is the original that has really captured the imagination:

All this exposure has caught the attention of Discovery Channel's 'MythBusters' program who were keen to put the myth to the test - can you actually run on water?

As you can see from the amount of views and spin-offs video that the viral has generated, it is a question that many people want an answer to. So on Wednesday's edition of MythBusters, the episode entitled 'Running on Water' was aired. You can see highlights from the after show edition below:

The viral all stems from Hi-Tec's development of their Infinity range which includes P2i's ion-mask™ technology or the 'totally water repellent coating' that is mentioned in the video. From this the 'Walk on Water' idea was born and a few months later Hi-Tec revealed all with the 'Making of Hi-Tec Liquid Mountaineering'...

Awarded the coveted: Best Viral Mockumentary from Ad Age, Liquid Mountaineering has been a huge success for Hi-Tec and the coverage on MythBusters tops off a very successful campaign.

Want to know more about the shoes featured in the video? You can see the collection and learn about the Infinity story here.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

K-Swiss picks up the pace with P2i

K-Swiss, a leading American footwear company has teamed up with P2i and our ion-mask™ technology to revolutionize two of their product lines; the Kwicky Blade-Light and the California which you can see below:
Kwicky Blade-Light


K-Swiss are renowned for their premium range of running footwear with many of their customers competing in high level sports such as ironmans and triathalons.

K-Swiss are differentiating their 'running' brand with the introduction of ion-mask™, ensuring that the shoes remain lightweight throughout competition as the nano-coating repels water and allows for the natural breathability of the model. Watch the video for the Kwicky Blade-Light below:

The shoes were officially launched in February 2011 and revealed at the Trek/K-Swiss Triathlon camp in Kona, Hawaii. You can read a first review on the Triathlete Europe website.

You can find out more about ion-mask™ by visiting the website or see how the technology works in our video below:

If you own a pair of Kwicky Blade-Lights we would love to hear your review: Contact us

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

P2i is Best of Show at AudiologyNOW! 2011

We have just returned from what was a very successful show at AudiologyNOW! 2011 in Chicago, where we are delighted to announce that P2i won the Best of Show award!

The award which is voted for by the AudiologyNOW! attendees, celebrates the 'Best of Show' booth during the event.
CEO, Carl Francis and Natasha Verniquet with the Best of Show award
Carl Francis, CEO, on winning the award said "We are delighted to have been awarded 'Best of Show' at AudiologyNOW! 2011. While this win is no doubt a reflection of the great booth and great team we fielded this year, it also underscores the wide acceptance and market share growth that P2i's Aridion™ technology has achieved across the whole of the hearing aid industry in just two short years."

Images of our award winning booth:
The P2i booth: Best of Show

Our booth from the foyer
Demonstrating our technology inside the booth

The award topped off what was a very successful show for P2i; offering opportunities to strengthen existing relationships with our clients as well as introducing Aridion™ technology to a host of new businesses.

You can see a collection of our images from AudiologyNOW! here. If you would like to know more about Aridion™ and the benefits it offers for hearing devices please do get in contact.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Building up to AudiologyNOW! 2011

With the success of CES and Mobile World Congress, we have now turned our focus on exhibiting at AudiologyNOW! (AAA) which starts tomorrow in Chicago.

The event, which is the world's largest gathering of audiologists, meets annually to discuss the latest developments in hearing technology and is a key market for P2i to further promote our Aridion™ technology.

Already utilized by three of the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers, Aridion™ is well known in audiologist circles having exhibited at AudiologyNOW! last year. However our booth for this year is a significant step up from our display in 2010, below:
P2i booth - 2010
As a sign of the growth we are seeing as a company the booth that P2i will have at AudiologyNOW! 2011 reflects this expansion:
P2i booth - 2011
Featuring a podium for our corporate magician and pods to demonstrate our world leading liquid repellent nano-coating technology we also have a custom 3D hologram kiosk where you can watch all our videos and see the potential applications for our technology.

But what is really exciting is that we will also be introducing our new compact Aridion™ 8 machine to the audiologists at AAA, which has been designed specifically to address the needs of smaller hearing aid manufacturers and dispensers.

Aridion™ 8 Machine
The machine, which will be on the booth for viewing purposes only, measures only 580mm (w) x 860mm (h) x 600mm (d), meaning that it allows for cost-effective and efficient processing of lower product volumes.

And because of its size all Aridion™ 8 machines can be installed at any location that has a standard power supply and are operated at the touch of a single button.

The Aridion™ 8 opens up unique opportunities for all hearing aid manufacturers to provide the protective benefits of Aridion™ to the millions of hearing aids made each year, something that we are very excited about.

Audiologists will be able to see firsthand how compact the machine is and we will have staff available to answer all questions.

AudiologyNOW! 2011 is also another benchmark for P2i and Aridion™, as there are now over four million hearing aid users benefiting from our unbeatable protection against corrosion damage.

To find out more about Aridion™ and the Aridion™ 8 machine you can visit us at Booth 1371 during the show (7th - 9th April), we look forward to seeing you there.

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