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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Infinite Possibilities with Hi-Tec and ion-mask™

For any runner the correct footwear is essential as a wrong purchase can lead to blisters, sprains or worse and for trail runners this takes on even more significance as the terrain is undulating, filled with among other things; rocks, mud and water.

In this environment, footwear really must be up to the task, offering stability over and on rocks, grip through mud and loose surfaces, as well as liquid repellent benefits when faced with water (rain, streams or puddles).

It is with this in mind that Hi-Tec has developed the Infinity collection, designed with trail runner's comfort in mind. Incorporating a number of ground breaking technologies including ion-mask™, the Infinity range offers the highest levels of comfort by setting the standard for the ultimate lightweight shoe for adventure sports performance:

Hi-Tec, who were the first leading brand to bring ion-mask™ to the consumer marketplace with their V-Lite hiking range,  have again incorporated the liquid repellent benefits that the world leading technology offers. ion-mask™ has been applied to all HPi models and thanks to the technology, the shoes will remain dryer, lighter and cleaner when out on the trail.

While we of course carry out rigorous testing, Hi-Tec sought further third party validation and this testing proved that water uptake is reduced by 87.66% when compared to an untreated shoe.

In addition to this, the shoes also feature Vibram soles and S.U.Z.E (Seamless Upper Zone Engineering) which is unique to Hi-Tec. You can find out more about the technologies here.

Two shoes that make up the Infinity range are the men's and women's V-Lite Infinity HPi which can be seen below:


A fully interactive micro-site has also been built specifically for the collection, here you can find out more behind the Infinity story, including the now famous Liquid Mountaineering viral video as well as the details on all the technologies involved -

We are delighted that Hi-Tec has incorporated ion-mask™ technology to this industry changing collection and we would be eager to hear your thoughts on how they performed for you.

You can learn more about ion-mask™ here or visit our YouTube channel and watch our Lifestyle video.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Presenting at BIOMEDevice 2011

As Principal Scientist at P2i I speak and present at a host of conferences, demonstrating the liquid repellent benefits of our nano-coating technology and in February, I was the final speaker at BIOMEDevice, held on the 23rd and 24th in Paris, France.

BIOMEDevice brings together the Biotechnology, Medical device and Pharmaceutical indutries for the future development of combination devices.

Being the last speaker can at times be challenging, with delegates heading to the airport or hotel as the conference comes to a close, but there was a good turnout for my presentation entitled: Cost-effective nano-coating protection of medical devices.

Due to the visible nature of our technology it is best explained through live demonstrations as this gives attendees a clear picture of the liquid repellent benefits that our technology offers. To do this I produce an untreated and treated tissue as well as a glass of water. As expected when the untreated tissue is placed in the glass it absorbs the water becoming heavy and rather useless, but when I place the treated tissue in the same glass it emerges completely dry with the water beading up and rolling off.

For further effect, I threw both tissues across the stage: the untreated curved through the air to land in a wet pile, while the treated floated gently down - this generated a spontaneous round of applause from the delegates.

You can see a similar version of this demonstration in the video below:

Overall the presentation was very well received with many delegates staying behind asking questions about our technology and it applications for the medical sector. You can find out more about P2i here -  

Dr Delwyn Evans

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

P2i @ Mobile World Congress 2011

With the success of CES behind us, we turned our attention to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which took place on the 14-17th February in Barcelona.

MWC is the mobile industry's key event with more than 49,000 attendees in 2010 and in 2011 the event was bigger than ever making it a perfect time for P2i to introduce Aridion™ technology to key businesses and decision makers in the mobile phone sector.

Having never attended MWC before the buzz that our technology generated was incredible. Throughout the show we found that people were often returning to the booth bringing colleagues with them to see the demonstration for themselves. From this it was evident that businesses could visualize the potential benefits of incorporating our technology into their existing or new products.

Similarly to CES, we again had our holographic display, videos and the now famous tissue demonstrations. The latter proved to make appealing video footage as we were filmed numerous times, all of which can be seen via our YouTube channel. One video stood out in particular for the amount of coverage that it produced, Microsoft's Channel 9 interview with Eric Cohill, President, P2i Inc. has now been viewed over 14,000 times as well being 'retweeted' and uploaded to countless Facebook and YouTube platforms. You can see this video below:

With a host of videos and interviews (many including myself) as well as articles written about the technology, including leading Spanish technology blog Xataka Movil and Brazilian site Baixaki we have been delighted with the interest generated from our presence at MWC. To top it off many contacts were aware of us from our attendance at CES in January.

You can see a collection of our images from MWC on our Flickr page
Next up for P2i is AudiologyNOW! Where we will be showcasing Aridion™ 8, a versatile bench top machine designed specifically for the hearing aid industry - watch this space.

In the meantime if you have any questions about Aridion™ technology please do get in contact or you can visit the Aridion site.

Dr. Stephen Coulson - CTO

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

'Repel Wet' with Timberland and ion-mask™

With warmer months fast approaching, more and more of us are taking to the outdoors which can be a challenge to keep footwear dry and free from stains. However, thanks to Timberland and P2i there is now a solution.

Timberland, who are best known for their innovative outdoor footwear have incorporated our ion-mask™ technology alongside their Bionic® canvas to launch the 'Repel Wet' series of footwear.

The boots which are included in the Earthkeepers® collection are the first in a line of eco-friendly products utilisting Bionic® canvas. Incorporting the PET from recycled plastic bottles alongside a new double organic cotton helix structure, Bionic® canvas is 30% stronger and twice as abrasion resistant compared to standard canvases.

With the addition of our ion-mask technology the boots are also lightweight and breathable as well as offering water repellent and stain reducing benefits - keeping them looking newer for longer.

Timberland's Senior Manager, Emily Alati demonstrates the benefits that ion-mask™ technology brings to the canvas:

We are delighted and excited that Timberland have chosen to adopt our world leading liquid repellent nano-coating technology to a range of their footwear with two of the styles available below: 
Men's Earthkeepers™
Side Zip 6-Inch Boot
Women's Earthkeepers™
Cabot Tall Zip Boot 

You can find out more about the range here or check out our lifestyle video on the P2i YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about ion-mask™ or would like to know more about P2i please do get in contact.

Friday, 4 March 2011

P2i @ International CES 2011

"P2i is the coolest thing i've EVER seen at CES in all my times attending" This Twitter comment posted during the event is just one of the many positive responses that P2i received at the 2011 International CES.

CES, the world's largest annual tradeshow for consumer electronics and technology took place on the 6-9 January in Las Vegas, Nevada and although I had been there previously, 2011 was the first time that we had chosen to exhibit.

CES which attracted more than 2,700 exhibitors and over 140,000 delegates from technology, automotive and entertainment markets gathered over the four days to see the latest and greatest in consumer technology, including P2i's Aridion™ technology.

Throughout CES, myself and P2i staff introduced Aridion™ to a wide range of delegates from different electronic backgrounds via a custom designed holographic display, plasma screens as well as live demonstrations. You can see Robert Keep, our Research and Development Manager talk about Aridion™ below:

We were also filmed at the P2i booth by:

Tech Podcasts 

MSN Technologie(French) 

as well as the DIY Networks 'Cool Tools' and Girls Gone Geek although the interviews I carried out have not yet aired. That said, the interviews went extremely well with the following questions being asked:

- How does the technology work?
- How durable is the technology?
- What products and devices can it be applied to?

You can see my answers to these questions in the TechpodCast interview above.

With extensive video and social media coverage, including Twitter, YouTube, Forums and Blogs, the exposure that P2i received during and after CES has really made attending a huge success. With many key business contacts keen to find out more about what the technology can do for them.

On the back of this success we have already reserved an even larger space at CES 2012!

You can see all our images from CES here

Dr. Stephen Coulson - CTO

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

P2i wins Business Heroes - Borderless Business Award

We are delighted to win the MT Business Heroes Award for Borderless Business. As the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, P2i is proud to be recognized as a shining example of ‘home-grown’ innovation with a truly borderless outlook.

Using technology conceived at Durham University, we have taken less than seven years to transform from an MoD spin-out into a global company, where 75% of our customers are based outside the UK. Given the international focus of our core customer sectors – electronics and lifestyle – our processing capability spans three continents – Europe (Germany, Spain, UK); Asia (China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia) and North America.

We have also doubled our workforce in the 09/10 financial year and opened new offices in America and Asia, which enables us to offer real-time support to existing customers, while also developing new business relationships.

Our strategy now is to build on our worldwide leadership position in liquid-repellent nano-coatings, to become the functional nano-coatings solution of choice across a wide range of industries and applications.

This award is great testament to the hard work of all our employees and the game-changing P2i technology.

You can read the article in full here.
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