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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Infinite Possibilities with Hi-Tec and ion-mask™

For any runner the correct footwear is essential as a wrong purchase can lead to blisters, sprains or worse and for trail runners this takes on even more significance as the terrain is undulating, filled with among other things; rocks, mud and water.

In this environment, footwear really must be up to the task, offering stability over and on rocks, grip through mud and loose surfaces, as well as liquid repellent benefits when faced with water (rain, streams or puddles).

It is with this in mind that Hi-Tec has developed the Infinity collection, designed with trail runner's comfort in mind. Incorporating a number of ground breaking technologies including ion-mask™, the Infinity range offers the highest levels of comfort by setting the standard for the ultimate lightweight shoe for adventure sports performance:

Hi-Tec, who were the first leading brand to bring ion-mask™ to the consumer marketplace with their V-Lite hiking range,  have again incorporated the liquid repellent benefits that the world leading technology offers. ion-mask™ has been applied to all HPi models and thanks to the technology, the shoes will remain dryer, lighter and cleaner when out on the trail.

While we of course carry out rigorous testing, Hi-Tec sought further third party validation and this testing proved that water uptake is reduced by 87.66% when compared to an untreated shoe.

In addition to this, the shoes also feature Vibram soles and S.U.Z.E (Seamless Upper Zone Engineering) which is unique to Hi-Tec. You can find out more about the technologies here.

Two shoes that make up the Infinity range are the men's and women's V-Lite Infinity HPi which can be seen below:


A fully interactive micro-site has also been built specifically for the collection, here you can find out more behind the Infinity story, including the now famous Liquid Mountaineering viral video as well as the details on all the technologies involved -

We are delighted that Hi-Tec has incorporated ion-mask™ technology to this industry changing collection and we would be eager to hear your thoughts on how they performed for you.

You can learn more about ion-mask™ here or visit our YouTube channel and watch our Lifestyle video.

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