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Thursday, 8 December 2011

The London Corporate Cup: Or it is the taking part that counts...

In the spirit of team bonding, on the 24th November we took part in the annual London Corporate Cup held at the state of the art London Soccerdome.

The events which is now in its fifth year is a corporate 6-a-side tournament with teams vying for the top prize of the winner's trophy.

The P2i team
Each team that enters the tournament is managed by a footballing legend and for us this was Kerry Dixon, best known for his time at Chelsea (1983-1992). Although we did not win the tournament it was great fun, well organized and a great opportunity to show off our average football skills.

Here are some actions shots from the tournament:

Robert our caption works his way forward

Coming away with the ball
You can see them all on our Flickr and Facebook pages.

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