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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

ion-mask™ - Then and Now

Where did it all begin?

P2i originated as a project within the UK Governments' DSTL division to make soldier's clothing more effective against chemical attack. In 2004 P2i became the first DSTL technology transfer company to commercialize the technologies developed by the UK Government. 

Where are we now?

Today we operate within five key market sectors: Lifestyle (ion-mask™), Electronics (Aridion™), Filtration & Energy, Life Sciences and Military & Institutional. In this post we will focus on ion-mask™ and where it has been optimized for the footwear industry.

ion-mask™ has been available commercially since 2008, when outdoor footwear company Hi-Tec became the first brand to bring the technology to consumers by applying ion-mask™ to a new style of hiking boot; the V-Lite Altitude Ultra WPi:

Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra WPi - First ever walking boot to feature ion-mask™
 Since then the ion-mask™ - Hi-Tec range has expanded significantly including the development of the Infinity trail runner which spawned the YouTube viral sensation 'Liquid Mountaineering':

Today, ion-mask™ has been applied to eleven separate footwear brands including Timberland, Van Dal and KSwiss to name but a few. You can read more about ion-mask™ and these brands in our case studies as well as seeing some of the styles below:

KSwiss Kwicky Blade Light

Hi-Tec Infinity HPI

Timberland City 6in Boot

Van Dal Cannes

ion-mask™ has also branched out from footwear and in 2011 we have seen the technology being applied to lifestyle accessories including gloves (Fox) and hats.

From previous post you will also have read that we have just returned from OutDoor 2011 in Friedrichshafen, Germany where we were demonstrated ion-mask™ to leading outdoor brands. The show was a great success with many companies enquiring about the adoption of ion-mask™ for apparel, a similar question we receive through our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. This is an area that we are extensively researching so watch this space...

The range of products featuring ion-mask™ continues to grow and if you have your own footwear featuring the technology we would love to hear your reviews and comments. There are also a host of reviews online you can read if you would like to know more or thinking of purchasing a new pair of shoes, here is a brief selection:

- Hi-Tec:
    Gear We Are

- KSwiss:
   Sport (SBlog)


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