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Thursday, 21 April 2011

K-Swiss picks up the pace with P2i

K-Swiss, a leading American footwear company has teamed up with P2i and our ion-mask™ technology to revolutionize two of their product lines; the Kwicky Blade-Light and the California which you can see below:
Kwicky Blade-Light


K-Swiss are renowned for their premium range of running footwear with many of their customers competing in high level sports such as ironmans and triathalons.

K-Swiss are differentiating their 'running' brand with the introduction of ion-mask™, ensuring that the shoes remain lightweight throughout competition as the nano-coating repels water and allows for the natural breathability of the model. Watch the video for the Kwicky Blade-Light below:

The shoes were officially launched in February 2011 and revealed at the Trek/K-Swiss Triathlon camp in Kona, Hawaii. You can read a first review on the Triathlete Europe website.

You can find out more about ion-mask™ by visiting the website or see how the technology works in our video below:

If you own a pair of Kwicky Blade-Lights we would love to hear your review: Contact us

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