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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Gadget Show Future Special

There’s a look of genuine concern on Jason Bradbury’s face as he says, “…are you ready for this? 500 quid in the drink”, and places the Samsung Galaxy SIII into a flask of water. Now we all know electronics and water don’t mix, but Jason is showing off Dunkable™, the latest nano-coating technology from P2i, so we are confident everything will go well.

You see Dunkable™ is a hydrophobic barrier coating which means that not only does it combat forces like capillary action (which would draw the water throughout the internals of the device) but it also acts as a barrier to stop the water and the electronics interacting at the molecular level.  

The result is that Polly and Jason can maintain a Skype video call underwater. See The Gadget Show website to watch the clip for yourself:

After the show we received a number of emails, tweets and Facebook comments, all asking where people could get their phones treated, and how much it would cost. And this is where the title of the show comes into play… “Future Special”.

What the show was, well, showing, is that P2i has developed the technology to protect devices from water damage. But now comes the futuristic part, as we look to major manufacturers to incorporate the technology into the manufacturing process. So you won’t need to pay extra to add this feature to your device, it will come as standard!

In fact, our splash-proof nano-coating technology already comes as standard on Motorola smartphones and tablets. So you can rest assured it’s protected from everyday accidental splashes and spills. In January we also announced a partnership with Alcatel who are rolling out the splash-proof technology onto their latest range of smartphones.

So although you can’t buy a phone with Dunkable™ on it yet, the future may not be that far away…


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